Rate Transient Analysis/Modern Production Analysis:

Determination of production mechanism, reservoir performance evaluation, reserves estimation, evaluation of reservoir characteristics and assessment of reservoir compartmentalization.

Volumetric Estimation:

Hydrocarbons in place and uncertainty quantification (probabilistic methods)

Pressure Transient Analysis:

Fluid properties evaluation, Black oil and compositional simulation input and volumetric evaluation input.

Reservoir Simulation 

Our simulation team provides stand-alone reservoir simulation and flow modeling and as well acts as a support group within larger evaluation teams to address complex reservoir problems. We conduct three-dimensional reservoir simulation studies for a variety of purposes including: reservoir performance prediction and estimation of recoverable volumes, selection of optimal well drilling locations, optimization of enhanced oil recovery projects, understanding reservoir depletion mechanisms, determination of reservoir fluid migration, analysis of gas storage operations, and optimal development strategy involving horizontal, multifrac wells in tight formations

Enhanced recovery


Enhanced recovery studies are performed to determine the expected recovery of an existing project or the potential/optimal recoveries associated with modifying or implementing alternative enhanced recovery projects. Detailed simulations may be prepared by Optimal Reservoirs or analytical studies may undertaken to assess the reasonableness of existing simulation studies. Provided enhanced recovery studies including: Water floods (horizontal pattern and peripheral, and vertical), hydrocarbon miscible floods (vertical and horizontal), carbon dioxide floods (miscible and immiscible), gas cycling, steam assisted gravity drainage and cyclic steam projects