Services include:

Geopressure analysis

include a high level of integration and expertise in seismic analysis, log analysis and well performance analysis. Our team can help you make better decisions

Basin scale modeling:

Understanding the pressure regimes in sedimentary basins. For Prospect Scale Prediction analysis: Understanding the hydrogeology and pressure regime of a prospect is critical to developing a clear picture of how fluids are migrating and being trapped in the prospect.

Determine the hydraulic behavior

To determine the hydraulic behavior of the geological system, and enhanced predict where hydrocarbons will migrate and be trapped, a 3D pressure map of the subsurface is integrated with hydrogeologic flow modeling

Pre-Drill Prediction of Reservoir Pressures:

The prediction of pore pressure and fracture gradient ahead of the drill bit is one of the most critical tasks in planning a well. Post-Drill Analysis: Analyze the results of each well as they are drilled.

Fault seal analysis:


We use stress field knowledge with fault mapping from seismic data to understand reservoir compartmentalization for improved production. Understanding stress helps you understand seal stress and pore-pressure control fault reactivation. Since reactivated faults tend to be permeable, stresses resolved on faults can control fault seal integrity, hydrocarbon migration, reservoir compartmentalization, and maximum hydrocarbon column heights.