OR Concrete


GPR technology can reduce the time and cost required for a concrete inspection because the results are available onsite in real time. Drilling or cutting through concrete floors, walls or ceilings can be dangerous and very costly if you do not know what is under the surface. We can accurately & quickly locate rebar, find conduits and identify post-tension cables. We can also measure concrete thickness and locate voids in concrete and sinkholes below the ground surface.

To save the costs of damaging conduits & post-tension cables and even possibly physical harm to the person doing the coring or cutting, 3D 2’’ grid is recommended, but it takes a little longer to collect the data. In addition to scanning and marking the site for objects located in a concrete inspection, we provide detailed mapped reports. Our reports include diagrams of the scanned areas with locations and depths of located anomalies plotted to scale. This can be used for pre-engineering or just save you money down the road if you need to do further work in that area.


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