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Join Optimal Reservoirs, be part of our consulting network. We are committed to build and partner with the brightest minds in the industry, business and academia.

Teamwork allows us to be most effective for our clients but also provides the day-to-day mentoring and idea exchange. We are always interested in working with suitably qualified and experienced Geosciences and Petroleum Engineer professionals

If you have the rare combination of technical competency, deep experience, and passion for advising and instruct others, we would love to hear from you. Please sign up and complete the application below.

Location: Freedom to travel for short term work assignments is essential.

Task Description: Working in and supporting asset or study teams in the construction and maintenance of 3D geological models for field development, volumetric assessment and reservoir simulation, associated workflows and procedures, subsurface mapping, volumetric and reserves assessment and uncertainty analysis.

Education: Degree in Petroleum Engineering, Geosciences, Petroleum Geology, preferably with a relevant second higher degree.

Requirements: Minimum of 5-year experience required in the oil and gas industries as a geoscientist using computer modeling and mapping systems. Knowledge of modeling software. Experience in working in integrated teams desirable. A thorough command of the English language is a must and additional language skills could be useful.

Other Skills: Flexibility, enthusiastic, computer literate, team worker, communication skills.